Who We Serve​​

Idanha-Detroit Fire District proudly provides fire protection, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services to the Cities of Detroit and Idanha, and the communitiy of Marion Forks, as well as approximately 25 miles of Oregon's Highway 22. ​​

What We Provide​​​

Idanha-Detroit Fire provides both structural and wildland fire protection and suppression within our district  and the communities that we protect. We currently have four full-time Firefighters to augment our Volunteer response.​​

Our district also provides first-response Emergency Medical Services at a Basic Life Support (BLS) level. Idanha-Detroit Fire's response area falls within Lyons Ambulance Service's Ambulance Service Area (ASA). Our job as a Fire District is to treat, stabilize, manage the emergency scene, prepare our patients for transport, and call for additional or  Helicopter Ambulances if necessary. 

Idanha-Detroit Fire also provides rescue services on a limited basis, primarily through trail rescue, and vehicle extrication. 

​Our Mission​​

Idanha-Detroit Fire's Mission is to aggressively and safely save lives, property, and the environment during emergency situations. ​​

We accomplish this by educating ourselves, training hard, promoting a culture of safety, and striving to use the best tactics and tools to mitigate emergency situations.