Idanha-Detroit Rural Fire Protection District

Our Mission Statement:
"To be a point of pride for the communites we serve."

Fundraising for a New Set of Jaws of Life

Our district covers a large stretch of Highway 22, and we are seeing an increasing number of motor vehicle accidents due to heavier traffic and tourism to our communities. Our current set of Jaws of Life is outdated, slow, and heavy. With the advancement of vehicle safety and durability, the need for more robust extrication equipment increases. Our current tools are not up to the job due to wear and tear, and operating at lower pressures than what is required to cut through modern vehicles.  Time saved means lives saved!

Please consider donating to our cause. Click the link for the flyer below to find more information. You may also call or email us with any questions. Thank you for your ongoing support of our fire district!

Jaws of Life Flyer

Upcoming Events

Board Meetings:
Our Board of Directors meets regularly on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 5:00pm. To view upcoming meeting agendas, and to view past meeting minutes, please visit the "Board of Directors" tab under "Staff and Volunteers" at the top of the page.

Fireworks Over the Lake/Kid's Drawing Event
July 6th
5:00pm to 8:00pm: Kid's Drawing Event at Detroit Fire Station
10:00pm: Fireworks Display over Detroit Lake
 Kids of all ages are welcome to submit an original drawing that will become part of our "Point of Pride"   banner that will be proudly displayed at both fire stations for years to come! Coloring paper and   crayons will be provided. 
  Rules for submission:
 1)  All drawing submissions muct depict something related to firefighting
 2) Bring your imaginations!
 3) Have fun!
We will be accepting late drawing submissions until July 10th. The banner will be revealed at our August 31st BBQ Event in Idanha.

Fire Corps Meeting 
July 29th          2:00pm

End of Summer BBQ/Children's Event
August 31st                  2:00pm to 7:00pm
​Idanha City Park

Our Fire Corps will be meeting to discuss the planning for our next events. We have a busy season coming up, so if you can donate any of your time to help us out, joining the Fire Corps is a great way to do just that. 

If you are interested in attending our meeting, please contact us! We'd love to hear from you.
Our Fire Corps and active responders are planning a community event to mark the end of summer. We will be having a cookout, along with games and prizes! 

We will also be unveiling our "Point of Pride" banner that will depict drawings submitted from kids in and around our communities!

A full list of games and prizes will be added prior to the event, so check back soon! We'd love to see you out there.

Idanha-Detroit RFPD Action Shots, News, and Events​

Ever wonder what types of calls our firefighters respond to? In these photos, you'll be able to see some of the things we're doing around our community. These photos depict only a small percent of the total call volume we respond to.

On May 8th, our crews responded to a vehicle fire off French Creek Road in Detroit. We were ablt to extinguish the vehicle. but not before it had sparked a several-acre wildfire in the surrounding forest. Hand crews from the Oregon Department of Forestry were on scene quickly, as well as two helicopters dipping water out of nearby Detroit Lake. 
Top Left: Volunteer firefighter Ron Sitton getting some hose training after the fire was extinguished.
Middle: The wildland fire that had been started by the vehicle fire.
Top Right: Chief Ewing surveying the surrounding areas for flare-ups.
Bottom: Lt. Harris and firefighter Sitton pause for a selfie. 

Uh-oh! On July 1st, a tree fell on a wire near milepost 53 on Highway 22. Our crews responded and were able to provide traffic control while ODOT and Consumer's Power worked to clear the road. 

Remember, you should never approach downed lines. Call 911 if you see sparking, smoke, or flames.

Flag Day on June 14th​

Our staff, their families, and a few of our community members all got together on Flag Day for a BBQ and to replace our old flag with one that flew over the US Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Pictured in this photo are all the veterans who were present at our Flag Day BBQ.
From Left: Ron Sitton, USMC; Damon Faust, US Army; Laura Harris, US Navy; Ron Harris, US Navy; Chris Walker, US Army
Chris Walker holds the certificate of authenticity for the flag that was flown at the US Capitol.

Ongoing Idanha Fire Station Upgrades

Idanha-Detroit RFPD has been in need of a turnout washer. Our turnouts cannot be washed in a regular clothes washer due to the contaminants and carconogenic materials that they inevitably get covered in during normal use. 
Chief Ewing was successful in obtaining a grant from the Siletz Tribe to cover most of the funds required for the washer. First, a concrete slab had to be poured for the washer to sit on.

​​Next, electrical and plumbing work had to be completed for the washer installation. These next photos show the progression of work completed so far. 

Stay tuned for future developments! The turnout washer is the first of many projects planned to improve the Idanha fire staton.