Idanha-Detroit Rural Fire Protection District

Our Mission Statement:
"To be a point of pride for the communities we serve."
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Burning Information:

​​ There is currently no burn ban in place for our fire district.

Remember to keep fires small and manageable, keep a water source available, and never leave your fire unattended! Children should never play with fire, even under adult supervision. Never burn plastic or other harmful and toxic materials. Stay safe! ​​
For more information call the Burn Information Line at 1 (877) 982-0011 or click this link:
Regional Burning Information
To report illegal burning, please call the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality at (503) 378-8240.​​

US Flag Flying Status:

For information on the proper ways to display our nation's flag, please click these links:

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US Flag Code
Visit the WIllamette National Forest
Detroit Lake as seen from Halls Ridge near Detroit - Photo taken June 2019

Fundraising for a New Set of Jaws of Life

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Our Board of Directors unanimously approved a lease for new Holmatro extrication tools (Jaws of Life) during their October meeting. Click the image to learn what each tool is for.

Idanha-Detroit firefighters are now raising money for the lease payments. Our goal is to raise at least $9,000 per year until 2024, when the last payment is due. 

If you would like to donate to our cause, please click the Donate Here link at the top of the page, or click the Contact Us tab and get in touch with a staff member. We'd love to answer any questions you may have.

Our fire district protects a large stretch of Highway 22, and we are seeing an increased traffic flow along the highway in recent years. 

In the past, our district had to rely on neighboring fire districts for vehicle rescue services. This posed a few problems, not only for our patients, but for our firefighters as well.

A few facts to consider:

1) The added scene times meant that our most critical patients would have to wait longer for care, an average of at least 30 extra minutes.

2) The most dangerous place for a firefighter to work is on the highway. The chance of them being struck by a passing vehicle grows with each minute they spend exposed to traffic. 

3) When another fire district assists our firefighters with vehicle rescue, it leaves the responding distrct vulnerable because it takes responders out of their response area.

4) According to the National Safety Council, the average person in America has a 1 in 114 chance of being killed as a result of a vehicle crash. 

5) There were an average of 4,900 vehicles that traveled through our district daily in 2018 according to the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Please consider donating to our cause. Your contributions are greatly needed, and they could literally save a life!
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Action Shots and News

Wednesday, September 18th
A vehicle crashed into the front of Mountain High Grocery around 7:15am. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries and the store was able to open for business again the next morning. 
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Friday, September 6th
We responded to reports of a high risk grass fire in a field off Church St in Idanha. It was approximately 75' by 50' and growing. Our engine was able to (barely) squeeze down a narrow access road and our firefighters were able to have the fire out within 10 minutes of arriving on scene. We were assisted by personnel from ODF, who came out to help check for hot spots and assist in mop-up. We returned the next morning to check for additional hot spots and spray foam to ensure complete extinguishment.
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Saturday, August 24th
Our firefighters got to have some hands-on vehicle extrication training.
Special thanks to Santiam Towing and Recovery for providing the cars for our firefighters to practice on.
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