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There is currently no burn ban in place for our fire district.

Remember to keep fires small and manageable, keep a water source available, and never leave your fire unattended! Children should never play with fire, even under adult supervision. Never burn plastic or other harmful and toxic materials. Stay safe!

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To report illegal burning, please call the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality at (503) 378-8240.​​
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Idanha-Detroit RFPD Action Shots and News

Wednesday, September 18th
A vehicle crashed into the front of Mountain High Grocery around 7:15am. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries and the store was able to open for business again the next morning. 
Friday, September 6th
We responded to reports of a high risk grass fire in a field off Church St in Idanha. It was about 75' by 50' and growing. Our engine was able to (barely) squeeze down a narrow access road and our firefighters were able to have the fire out within 10 minutes of arriving on scene. We were assisted by personnel from ODF, who came out to help check for hot spots and assist in mop-up. We returned the next morning to check for additional hot spots and spray foam to ensure complete extinguishment.
Saturday, August 24th
Our firefighters got to have some hands-on vehicle extrication training. Special thanks to Santiam Towing and Recovery for providing the cars for our firefighters to practice on.
Thursday, August 22nd   
We are pleased to welcome a new addition to our fleet, a 1990 Ford Grumman fire engine! This beauty came to us from Central Coast Fire and Rescue. This engine will be our first-out engine for all structure fires. We have nick-named this beat "The Warthog" after the US Air Force A-10 attack plane, which was routinely painted with teeth on its nose cone. The body style of the Grumman is similar to an A-10, thus the nick-name. This is our newest-built engine, and will soon be proudly serving our communities!

Friday. July 26th   
Idanha-Detroit Fire District personnel were dispatched to a structure fire in the 200 block of Church Street in Idanha. The fire was first reported to 911 dispatchers by a neighbor at 11:54pm, who was alerted to the fire by a “popping and crackling noise” she heard coming from outside her home. She informed the dispatchers that she believed a man and his dog were still inside the burning home.
The single-wide trailer was already fully involved in flames by the time the first fire personnel arrived at 12:01am in a squad vehicle. Engine 58 from Idanha was on scene at 12:04am, and Engine 59 was on scene from Detroit at 12:09am. Our fire crew was able to knock down the flames enough to allow a search team to enter by 12:16am.
An engine and a water tender from Gates Fire District also responded, and together with Idanha-Detroit personnel they were able to fully extinguish the flames, as well as search the home. The initial search found one man deceased in the living room. A dog, also deceased, was found in a bathroom.
Initial investigative efforts made by fire personnel and an investigator from the Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal determined that the fire started in the kitchen and was ruled as accidental, but the cause is still under investigation. No signs of arson or other malicious activity were discovered at the scene.

Tuesday, July 23rd
Our crews were dispatched around 8:30pm to a report of a grass fire north of Highway 22 near milepost 53 in Idanha. Upon arrival we found a small forest fire that was quickly spreading. We used approximately 1,500 gallons of water and were able to knock the flames down. We were assisted by an engine crew and a water tender from Gates Fire District. We were also assisted by several community members who were more than willing to grab shovels, saws, and rakes. They also helped us pull hoses to and from the fire scene. The Oregon Department of Forestry took over from our crews and we cleared the scene around 10:30pm.

The next morning, we got a report that the fire had re-kindled, so we were back out there with our engine. ODF took over again and was able to fully extinguish the fire. The fire only grew to .071 acres before it was knocked out.
The cause of the fire is undetermined and investigations are ongoing. 
Photos courtesy of Michelle Kellum​
Monday, July 15th
Engine 58 responded with a crew of 2 to reports of a structure fire on Santiam Ave in Detroit. Upon arrrival, the engine crew found a wood pile, shed, part of a fence, and the remnants of an ATV smoldering and smoking. A water truck from Pacific Excavation was on scene staffed with two people from the company. They had used several small extinguishers to attempt to put the fire out, but they were unsuccessful. They then brought the company water truck to the scene and were able to knock the flames down. Engine 58 then was able to fully extinguish the remaining embers and hot spots. 

The homeowner was not home at the time of the fire. Initial investigative efforts determined that the blaze had started in the wood pile against the wooden fence in the front yard of the residence. The cause is unknown, but it was determined by investigators that the fire was not caused by arson or other malicious intent. The reported damages were estimeated at $25,000.

Wednesday, May 8th 
Our crews responded to a vehicle fire off French Creek Road in Detroit. We were able to extinguish the vehicle, but not before it had sparked a several-acre wildfire in the surrounding forest. Hand crews from the Oregon Department of Forestry were on scene quickly, as well as two helicopters dipping water out of nearby Detroit Lake.

Top left: Volunteer firefighter Ron Sitton getting some hose training after the fire was extinguished.
Top right: The wildland fire that had been started by the vehicle fire.
Bottom left: Chief Ewing surveying the surrounding areas for flare-ups, and the pickup that had burned being towed from the scene.
Bottom right: Lt. Harris and firefighter Sitton pause for a selfie. 

Flag Day on June 14th​

Our staff, their families, and a few of our community members all got together on Flag Day for a BBQ and to replace our old flag with one that flew over the US Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Pictured in this photo are all the veterans who were present at our Flag Day BBQ.
From Left: Ron Sitton, USMC; Damon Faust, US Army; Laura Harris, US Navy; Ron Harris, US Navy; Chris Walker, US Army
Chris Walker holds the certificate of authenticity for the flag that was flown at the US Capitol.

Ongoing Idanha Fire Station Upgrades

Idanha-Detroit RFPD has been in need of a turnout washer. Our turnouts cannot be washed in a regular clothes washer due to the contaminants and carconogenic materials that they inevitably get covered in during normal use. 
Chief Ewing was successful in obtaining a grant from the Siletz Tribe to cover most of the funds required for the washer. First, a concrete slab had to be poured for the washer to sit on.

​​Next, electrical and plumbing work had to be completed for the washer installation. These next photos show the progression of work completed so far. 

The washer was delivered at the beginning of July! Now our firefighters can get rid of the toxic substances that routinely cover their turnouts. 

Stay tuned for future developments! The turnout washer is the first of many projects planned to improve the Idanha fire staton.