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The new paint job was so shiny, Lt Harris could see her reflection in it as she took this photo. Engine 58 was almost ready to come home!

Finally, she was home! Lt Martinez poses in front of Engine 58. There was still a lot of work to be done, but now it could be completed in the comfort of our own station.
A huge thank you to all the staff at Willamette Collison Center who donated their time and labor to making this beauty shine!

SAFER Grant Firefighter Will Commerford installing the front light panels after the paint job was completed.

Volunteer responder Leon Stice re-installing one of the brake lights to prepare the newly painted engine for the trip home. 

Much of the wiring to the lights had been cut prior to the painting process, which meant our responders had to replace those wires prior to Engine 58 making her return journey home.