​Our Volunteers​​

Idanha-Detroit Fire is currently served by a core group of  incredibly dedicated individuals.  These Individuals contribute to the District by responding to Emergency calls from home, at any time. Their diverse skillset ranges from driving apparatus, fighting fires, treating our patients as EMR's (Emergency Medical Responders), and completing support tasks. ​​

Volunteers are the core of this organization and Idanha-Detroit Fire is always in need of those willing to help their communities as Firefighters and Emergency Medical personnel. Contact us today if you are interested!

Operational  Staff​​

Our district currently has four Firefighter/EMT's working full-time  on a grant from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).  These firefighters stay at our Idanha station  on a shift schedule, in order to respond on calls, complete administrative work, train our volunteers, perform maintenance, and complete the necessary tasks that are required for the operation of a modern Fire District. Our FEMA grant firefighters work hard to provide the best Fire and EMS service possible, and ensure that Idanha-Detroit fire is the best that it can be for it's communities.

Office Staff​​

Our District's day-to-day billing, administration, and recordkeeping is done by our part-time office administrator, Kelly. The district relies heavily on Kelly  to be taking care of things behind-the-scenes, so that everything runs smoothly when we are called to service.  We are fortunate to have an office administrator that has taken it upon herself to be licensed as an EMR (Emergency Medical Responder), and respond to emergencies while she is on duty. ​​

​Chief Officers​​

Our District is in the process of hiring a Fire Chief.  In the meantime, our most experienced FEMA grant-funded Firefighter, Scott Whelden, has stepped in as an Assistant Chief, and has accepted the responsibility of making decisions, leading, and guiding the District. ​​

Scott has over 25 years of experience in the Fire Service, and is an Veteran of the United States Army. While he has fought fire all over the U.S, his most current experience is with Knappa Fire District on the Oregon Coast, where he volunteers as a Lieutenant.